cell phone monitoring app

Tired of hearing, ‘I am busy on the phone’ or ‘I will do it later’? For teens, spending too much time on their phones is not only an unproductive waste of time, but also poses a threat to cyber-bullying and sexual predators that are out in the online world.

The Easy Logger Pro sends you an alert as soon as an app is installed on the phone and continues to monitor its usage so you can see how much time was spend in using the app in your daily emailed reports as well as your online console.

The bad guy is not just lurking on the roads or deserted parks, but has gained right of entry into your kid’s room through a mobile phone. Not just cyber-bullying, but sexual predators and exposure to sexually explicit content are additional concerns of today’s parents.

New apps are being constantly created, so it is important that you remain informed about what your child downloads.  Being aware of what is on your kid’s phone, and how much time he/she is spending on those apps, lets you control any dangerous or unforeseen event, and gain you more control on your kid’s safety.

According to a recent survey, more than 78% of the teens own a smartphone, with many of them having Wi-Fi or 3G network, enabling them to easily get attracted to the exciting online world. From social apps to online games, kids today have a slew of options to discover new ways of interacting in the cyber world.  While many of these apps provide the much-needed interaction and exposure, if used wisely, it is also easy to fall prey to many threats and dangers resulting from the misuse of dangerous apps.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is to interact with your child and let them know the implications of using mobile apps unwisely. With a strong communication or bond, you can help your teen have a healthy online behavior, and make him/her more responsible towards using their phone in a positive manner.

Another option is using a cell phone monitoring app. Cell phone monitoring apps help you gain access to everything that your teens are doing on their mobile to ensure their safety. Easy Logger is a popular mobile tracking app and a valuable tool to ensure that your kids use their precious time productively and do not fall victim to any inappropriate activities. With Easy Logger, you can view system log usage stats of every single app that is installed on the phone. This includes all kinds of apps such as messaging apps, games, social media apps, and all.

While “spying on” your kids is wrong, when your child’s security and future is at stake, it is essential to bring a balance. You can happily nip your worries in the bud, with the help of the online mobile tracking app, Easy Logger. Parents can now track all the applications accessed on the phone, and get reports on the amount of time spent on each of the applications, to gain more understanding of their kid’s behavioral pattern. It’s a smart and easy way to make sure that your kids remain focused on the things that really need attention.

Available in both free version and a pro version for just $4.5 per month, the app’s benefits exceed its cost.