How to use a phone tracker legally

Phone trackers have become commonplace, this is the easiest way to track a persons location, calls and texts for various reasons.
Employers use phone trackers to track phone misuse and also to track employee location for safety / security concerns.

Parents / guardians use phone trackers on their children’s phones to keep them safe from bullying, monitoring internal usage and for peace of mind knowing where the child is at any point of time.

Phone trackers are available in all flavors, some that are truly spy gadgets that get phones to record conversations, download photos, remotely control phone functions and more, others are more innocuous in nature where there is an alert available to indicate the phone is being tracked and the information tracked can just be the geolocation of the phone.

A variety of phone trackers are now available online. The purpose of tracking and the type of phone often dictates the tracker that you need to use, in some cases all the data is important and in some cases hiding the phone tracker is paramount. Evaluate options available online to pick the one that works best for you, test it thoroughly before deploying on the target device.

How to stay legal while using a phone tracker.

  1. Only install the phone tracker on a device that you own and pay for. Devices you buy for your employees and children come under this, you have the right to track how your device is being used.
  2. Inform the phone user that the phone is being tracked, often this is better than a hidden app as it keeps the phone user in line with the rules laid out.
  3. Secure tracked data, phone data is inherently personal in nature use a secure system and ensure the data being logged is safe.
  4. Periodically purge data collected, ensure the phonetracker you use purges data collected in due course of time, this can be weeks or months but holding on to confidential data indefinitely isn’t the best course of action.
  5. Be mindful of laws like HIPAA that regulate access to patient information, putting a tracker on a health care worker device requires special attention.

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