Does social media help or harm creativity?

Social media is a double-edged sword—it can both harm and help creativity. Too much social networking can grab time away from creative and academic pursuits, but when used properly, social apps can also fuel creativity in unique ways. Studies have found that children who spend too much time on social media platforms find it more difficult to concentrate in class. Their attention spans are also shorter and they tend to be ‘permanently distracted’. The same is true for teens and college students.

The widespread use of social media is taking an academic toll. Social media use is associated with lower GPAs and other negative academic consequences. This is because information overload can interfere with the ability to participate in creative problem-solving. But that’s not to say that social media cannot be used to help boost creativity and academic performance. Combined with proper time management, social networking can be a driver of creativity. Instant access to ideas can serve as great foundations for imagination, which contributes directly to creative thinking. The key is to ensure that your children are not misusing social media.

What can you do as a parent?
cell phone monitoring app If you want to make sure that your kids don’t spend too much time on social media apps, here’s good news: a free mobile tracking app is here to help. It’s now possible to track the amount of time your children spend on social media and games. Easy Logger essentially gives you full access to your child’s phone. With Easy Logger free mobile tracking app, you can keep tabs on each and every activity your kids do on their phones, every second. This cell phone tracking technology can give you information on call logs, time spent on apps, apps accessed, new apps downloaded, any apps deleted, GPS tracking, incoming/outgoing messages, and more. As an added bonus, it lets you keep a tab on your family’s mobile phone costs because you can review apps using heavy bandwidth.

This undetectable tracker app is also affordable; in fact, the basic call and SMS tracker is free. And at just $45/year per phone for the pro version, you are really only paying 13 cents a day for a comprehensive monitoring solution that lets you track your children’s location, monitor their online behavior and be informed about the texts and calls they make. Never has it been more critical to proactively check on your children’s social media usage.

Easy Logger lets you set clear, healthy, and reliable guidelines about what your kids can do and can’t. This cell phone tracking and monitoring app gives you access to everything your kids and teens are doing on their phone so you can ensure their safety. It encourages your kids to use their time productively while avoiding scams and inappropriate activities.