Child cell phone monitoring

Smartphones are called smart for a reason. They are loaded with features that can prove to be too clever for young, budding minds. These phones can be an unconstrained platform for everything that internet has to offer: violence, innocent videos to adult media and images. It is a gateway to private information sourcing, sexing, and cyberbullying. Not to mention that smartphones also prove to be a hazard while driving and walking.

Under these circumstances, it has become inevitable to have a reliable and trustworthy child cell phone monitoring app to keep track of your kid’s activities. A parent must ensure that their child fully understands why rules and regulations regarding internet safety must be religiously followed and how online dangers can compromise their security. This is why, it has become imperative for parents to learn everything about how the digital world operates, how youth uses it, digital lingo, and everything else regarding digital revolution.

Set rules
The first step to helping your child is to set clear, appropriate, and logical rules. They help provide a framework for safe online use and keep them secured from the dangers lurking in the virtual world. These rules may govern what information your kids are allowed to post about themselves. Are they allowed to use their full name on their profile page? Can they update their location, give details about their school or birthday? These are all red flags that make it simpler for an online predator to approach your child.

Educate on online dangers
Understand that predators are super-sneaky and have accounts that look completely real (including fake photos and other kid friends). Explain to them what predators might do, cautioning your child to be skeptical, especially when someone seems too eager to be friends or develop an instant romantic relationship or tries to gain extremely personal information. It is your prerogative to learn about the dangers and explain them to our child to keep them safe and protected from predator. Watching shows, reading books, and interacting with fellow parents can help you gain more knowledge about the dangers of the online world.

Monitor phone use
Be with your child when they take their first baby steps in the social media world. When your children create their first profile, sit with them and watch. While you do not need to sit with them every time they use social media, you can stay in the same room to understand what they are doing. As they slowly and gradually demonstrate that they are following all the rules laid down by you, you can progressively step back and let them handle their online activities. Keep an eye on the use time, calls, texts and other information that’s being saved on the phone.

Restrict apps that can be used
Lock down the phone and install apps yourself, use the child mode on your device to ensure your child cannot download adult oriented apps. The web browser can be blocked too so your child can continue to use only child safe apps.

Do not be shy of asking questions
Many parents are shy about asking questions, they regret not asking questions when things do not go right. Ask questions, know what’s going on in your wards life and use the phone tracker to ensure you keep updated at all times.

The phone is yours
The device belongs to you not to the child, it’s important that you realize this fact and take responsibility of the asset. The device being used in a wrong fashion is also your responsibility like any asset keep an eye on the device and ensure its in good shape and is being used as expected.

Our children live in a fast-moving work of entertainment, virtual relationships, novel concepts that were unheard of just a decade ago. It is time to understand the perils of this world and create a safe sanctuary for our kids using child cell phone monitoring apps.