Monitor Your Child's App Usage With Easy Logger

Children and smartphones can be a scary mix. Whether your teen who has just received a new smartphone or your 8 year old using the family tablet; parents today need to keep a watchful eye over their children, without all the pressure and snooping.

Parenting today is more difficult than it used to be. With the rapid pace of technology, presenting complex challenges all of the time, moms and dads can struggle to keep up.  The bad guy is not just lurking in deserted parks or on the roads, but has gained direct entry into your child’s room through a smartphone. Not just cyberbullying, but exposure to sexually explicit content, gambling, adult literature are additional concerns of today’s parents.

It’s natural for parents to want to protect their kids and shield them from harm, but it is also essential to allow your kids to have some privacy and independence online. Easy Logger helps to strike a perfect balance. Easy Logger offers a valuable tool to ensure that your kids use their time productively and do not fall victim to any unsuitable activities.

With Easy Logger, parents can track all the applications accessed on the phone, and get reports on the amount of time spent on each of the application app, in an easy to review report.

Why download Easy Logger?

Protect kids from questionable content

The Internet is a minefield of unsuitable content, and parents can feel helpless to shield their kids from it. The Internet has made it accessible for the children to surf the explicit and violent material with ease, whether it’s pornographic apps, gambling apps, or even gaming apps. With controls in place, kids can be kept from accessing and viewing a wide variety of material that parents deem inappropriate.

Malicious apps

Malicious apps running in the background cannot only cause your battery to drain extraordinarily fast, but also raises security concerns. These app can cause performance clogging, noticeable spikes in the data bill, and send pop-up ads on your device even when your browser is closed. Easy Logger can help you spot such malicious apps, so you can immediately uninstall them, and gain more control over your kid’s safety.

Monitor Your Child's App Usage With Easy Logger

Set screen time limits

Screen time can be addictive. Excessive screen time for children can result in poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, bad posture, and lack of physical activity. Screen time can mesmerize a child into spending hours glued to a device, making it tougher to free from their favorite social app or game. Easy Logger can help parents enforce a healthy lifestyle by limiting screen time for their children. With easy to view reports, parents can get information about the time spent on each app, and help set definite boundaries.

Respect your child’s privacy

Kids often resent snooping parents who invade their privacy. Even young children have a right to personal privacy. At the same time, kids still need your support to make the right decisions to make intelligent use of mobile devices. Trust is the key to finding a balance between your need to know what’s going on and your child’s need for privacy. Easy Logger lets you do just that. There are some things you need to know, like how much time your kid is spending time surfing the web or playing his favorite game, but some things can be left private between your child and his friends – for example, what they share or talk with their friends.

“I loved the idea of Easy Logger. As a working mom, I rest easy knowing that my child is not downloading any malicious apps or spending unproductive time on social apps or gaming when they should be studying or sleeping. It’s arguably the easiest way to feel better about giving my child their own phone” – adds Sara, a mom of a teenage boy.

Take Action!

Do you want to stop worrying once and for all about your kid because you don’t know what they are doing on their smartphones? Don’t hesitate. Install the Easy Logger, app usage tracker for Android now, and be vigilant with your child’s safety. Remember that happy children are raised with smart parenting!