Remove spyware from smartphones

Phone spyware is getting more and more popular as phones have become an integral part of our lives. This blog discusses ways and means to avoid spyware and if infected how to remove spyware from smartphones. Surveillance for legal purposes like a parent monitoring their child or an employer monitoring an employee is most common and acceptable due to the inherent benefits to the phone owner. Unfortunately, sometimes phones are installed with phone spyware for ulterior motives where the person installing the spy app has no rights to the phone. Phone Spy apps can be installed in seconds, Easy logger takes merely 10 seconds to download, install and configure. Some incidences of abuse have come to light hence this blog. How to avoid and remove spyware from smartphones:-

  1. Do not keep your phone unattended, spy apps can be installed within seconds without a trace.
  2. Keep a unlock password or pattern, this way even if your phone is in the hands of a malicious users apps cannot be installed.
  3. Keep an eye on installed apps, even if the icon is hidden often spy apps show up in installed apps. If there is an app that looks fishy click uninstall.
  4. Review internet usage statistics, often spy apps use a lot of bandwidth and they show up top on the bandwidth users.
  5. If your phone starts becoming sluggish be wary that something might have been installed without your permission.
  6. Location icon shows up all the tip on the phone header usually means somebody is tracking the phone.
  7. Sudden battery drain can often point to malicious apps too. Seeing which apps take up battery using the battery setting can enable easy removal of spyware too.

Open Settings > Apps, review each installed apps and if you have the option of seeing Running apps that would narrow down the list of suspicious apps. Click on suspicious apps and uninstall.

Remain safe from phone spyware by always keeping an eye on your phone, spy apps can be powerful, they can record phone calls, track your geolocation, review text messages, call logs and even access your photos on the device. Easy logger condemns use of the app as a spy app and takes incidents of abuse very seriously. For legal surveillance on phones you own or have rights to Download Easy logger now.