family locator app

Have you been lately feeling that you never seem to have enough time? Or your work is taking over your family time? You’re not alone – many busy families face the same problem. As parents struggle to find time for their kids and worry about their safety, even kids are busy between the journey to and from school, after-school clubs and activities, playdates and sleepovers, not to mention trips further afield. It can be difficult to keep up with one another on a daily basis, with so much going on for both parents and their kids.

When it comes to family, everyone strives to figure out how the relationship between parents and kids can become ideal. Positive parenting techniques work well for raising kids with discipline and good moral values and are every parents’ dream. However, it is not an easy feat. Knowing the importance of staying updated and in the know about your kid’s phone use, you may be curious as to how you can go about doing so. The great news is that it is relatively easy to do so.

Easy Logger, a family locator app is an ideal tool to stay connected every day, as well as to provide safety and security for kids of all ages. Once this app is installed, it’s just a matter of selecting and tapping on the options to get the information that you want about each person in the family. Let us take a closer look into the ways it can help busy families.

1. 24/7 Live location tracking: The location tracking feature is perfect for parents who want to see where their kids are at any given time throughout the day or night. Location tracking app provides you with live location and 90 days of historical location reporting via online secure cell phone monitoring console. Kids can also see where their parents are, giving them a sense of security. It’s important to ensure that the GPS location service is turned on in everyone’s phones so that their locations can be displayed accurately. You can also review the list of physical addresses visited with the amount of time spent at every location.

2. Setting up boundaries: Creating a Geo-fence on the map, to be alerted every time the device crosses the fenced area, is an alternative way of staying connected with your family. These boundaries help you monitor your kids or significant ones when they enter or leave from home while you are busy at your workplace.

3. Inactivity/fall tracking: Not sure if your family members need you at the hour of need? Getting informed about inactivity/Fall with Easy Logger is the right solution for you. If the device or user with the device falls or if the phone remains unattended for a while, the app sends out an email alert, for you to check on the user’s wellbeing.

4. App installs/uninstall alert: Are you afraid that your kids might fall for life-threatening/deadly games? Relax and be assured with an email alert of full app details when an app is installed or uninstalled from the device. You will also get a report on usage stats of every single app that is used on the phone including games, messaging apps, and business applications. This will definitely help you understand where your kids spend most of their time when they are using a cell phone.

5. Get notified: Being aware of situations is the first step taken towards helping out the ones who need you. Hence, getting notifications of unusual activities of your family members becomes so important. Stay connected with complete reports of phone calls, texts,  fall/inactivity or low battery alert on your emails.

Along with aforesaid ways, parents should talk to their kids quite often on what’s good and what’s bad for them and know where to encourage, and where to discourage kids while they are using a cell phone. Easy Logger is the most versatile cell phone tracker available for monitoring android cell phones in the market today, start using it today for free.